Item #408262 The Ultimate Executive Lunch: The Ultimate Executive Manual to Titillate the Mind and the Palate. Tymus MUNNEY.

The Ultimate Executive Lunch: The Ultimate Executive Manual to Titillate the Mind and the Palate

England: Hurley Style Limited, 1986. 11.25 x 8.75 inches. 45 pages; illustraded with scratch and sniff stickers for fruits, vegetables, cocktails, and various meals. Boards. A near-fine copy with a couple of small marks on binding. Item #408262
ISBN: 0572014104

A funny scratch-n-sniff book with a punning pseudoym of an author. "All good ideas are simple and this one is about as simple as you can get. You want to eat less and lose weight? You want to save time at the office? You want to save money on expensive lunches? You want to learn more about business? This book achieves it all for you. Here's how: There are five basic senses: Touch Smell Taste Sight Hearing The act of eating involves all of these but mostly taste, sight and smell. Professor Tymus Munney has developed The Ultimate Executive Lunch by simply removing two out of these three. Good presentation of food is preferable to a sloppy mess on the plate but is largely to blame for the rise of the cult of Nouvelle Cuisine-skimpy, pathetic little portions but very artistically arranged on the plate. Sight plays no part in the Ultimate Executive Lunch. The removal of the taste sensations cleverly avoids the act of swallowing-so no ingestion of calories, cholesterol, salt, triglycerides and the many other components of food which, in one way or another, experts tell you are harmful. You are left with the olfactory sensations of food-the mouth watering fragrances that assail the nostrils and stimulate the anticipation of the pleasures to come. The master stroke of The Ultimate Executive Lunch is that it stops right there. No chewing, no swallowing, no wondering if it's good for you. Simply a menu each day to titillate and satisfy your sense of smell. No timewasting at the restaurant or staff dining room. No hassle with who pays the bill. No time away from the important task of making money. Just sit at your desk and scratch the labels for each day's Menu." - Introduction.

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