Medical Observations and Inquiries. SOCIETY OF PHYSICIANS IN LONDON.

Medical Observations and Inquiries

London: William Johnston, 1763, 1762-84. Third edition of vol. 1, first editions of vols. 2-6. 6 volumes, 8vo. Plates, many folding. Modern half leather, marbled boards, untrimmed. Some foxing and browning, generally a clean and handsome set / From the Collection of Allan B. Kirsner, M.D. Item #401992

A fine set of this important journal, with ten notable contributions in the history of medicine:

HUNTER, William (1718-1783). "The history of an aneurysm of the aorta, with some remarks on aneurysms in general". Vol I, pp. 323-357. First recorded case of arteriovenous aneurysm. Garrison-Morton-Norman 2974.

HUNTER, William. "A singular case of the separation of the ossa pubis". Vol. II, pp. 321-33 and 415-18. A case of osteomalacic pelvis was reported to Hunter by a country practitioner. Garrison-Morton-Norman 6254.

WHITE, Charles (1728-1813). "An account of a new method of reducing shoulders (without the use of an ambe) which have been several months dislocated, in cases where the common methods have proved inefficient". Vol II, pp. 373-81. "White’s method of reducing shoulder dislocations by means of suspending the patient from the affected arm. This method either reduced the dislocation entirely, or moved the head of the humerus into a position where it could be reduced by traditional methods such as applying the surgeon’s heel to the axilla" (Garrison-Morton-Norman 4407).

BARD, John (1716-1799). "A case of extra-uterine foetus". Vol II, pp. 369-72. "This description of an abdominal pregnancy, successfully operated on by Bard was 'the first scientific paper on a surgical subject to come from the North American Colonies' (Earle). John Bard was the father of Samuel Bard" (Garrison-Morton-Norman 6155).

HUNTER, John. "Appendix to Lynn’s The history of a fatal inversion of the uterus". Vol. IV, pp. 400-09 and Vol. V, pp. 388-93. First accurate description of retroversion of the uterus. Garrison-Morton-Norman 6020.

FOTHERGILL, John (1712-1780). "Of a painful affection of the face". Vol. V, pp. 129-42. Original description of facial neuralgia. Reprinted in Medical Classics, 1940, 5, 100-06. Garrison-Morton-Norman 4516.

DOBSON, Matthew (1731-1784). "Experiments and observations on the urine in a diabetes". Vol. V, pp. 298-316. "Dobson proved that the sweetish taste of diabetic urine was produced by sugar, an observation following on Willis’s discovery of the sweetness of diabetic urine. He also discovered hyperglycemia" (Garrison-Morton-Norman 3928).

FOTHERGILL, John. "Remarks on that complaint commonly known under the name of the sick head-ach". Vol. VI, pp. 103-37. First accurate description of migraine. Garrison-Morton-Norman 4517.

HUNTER, William (1718-1783). "On the uncertainty of the signs of murder, in the case of bastard children". Vol. VI, pp. 266-90. "This essay on the signs of murder in illegitimate children is, in Garrison’s view, the most important early contribution to forensic medicine by a British writer" (Garrison-Morton-Norman 1732).

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