Group of offprints. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY.

Group of offprints

7 items, comprising: PERUTZ, M.F. "The Composition and Swelling Properties of Haemoglobin Crystals." Offprint from Transactions of the Faraday Society Vol XLIIB, 1946. 10 pp. 8vo. Printed wrappers. Ownership signature ("G. Wald?") to upper margin, hole punched at upper left. – PERUTZ. "An X-ray study of horse methaemoglobin. II." Offprint from Proceedings of the Royal Society, A, vol 195. 1949. 28 pp. 8vo. Self wrappers. Ownership signature ("G. Wald?") to upper margin. – WOLLMAN, E.L., and F. JACOB. "Etude Genetique d'un Bacteriophage Tempere d'Escherichia coli." Offprint from Annales de l'Institut Pasteur vol 87, p 674 (December 1954). 18 pp. Self-wrappers. – HIROTA, YUKINORI and F. Jacob. "Genetique Biochimique: Production de bacteries sans DNA." Offprint from C.R. Acad Sc. Paris, vol 263, pp 1619-1621 (November 21, 1966). 4 pp. plus plate. 8vo. Self wrappers. Ownership signature of E. Meywall. – "Report of the Working Party on the Practice of Genetic Manipulation." London, 1976. 8vo. 32pp. Original wrappers. Ownership signature of E. Meywall. – DEMEREC, M, E.A. ADELBERG, A.J. CLARK and Philip E. HARTMAN. "A Proposal for a Uniform Nomenclature in Bacterial Genetics." Offprint from: Genetics, Vol. 54, pt. 1, July 1966. Pp. 61-76. – STANLEY, Wendell M. "The 'Undiscovered' Discovery." Offprint from: Archives of Environmental Health, Vol. 21, September 1970. Pp. 256-262. Presentation copy, inscribed by Stanley. Item #403318

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